BAB fact #3

Despite the Beagle voyage lasting more than five years, Darwin spent only 18 months on board in total, with the longest boatbound stretch lasting only 47 days.



Browne, J. (2003) Charles Darwin: Voyaging.  p. 227.  Pimlico, London.


BAB fact #2

The water flea Daphnia pulex has the most genes (~31,000) of any animal – this is approximately 7,700 more than the mouse (23,317 genes), and around 8,600 more than humans (22,389 genes).


Colbourne, J.K. et al (2011) The ecoresponsive genome of Daphnia pulex.  Science 331: 555-561

BAB fact #1

The total amount of DNA in living organisms is roughly 10^25 km.  This is about 10^12 light years, or as a more standard measure, 10 times the diameter of the known universe.



Lynch, M. and Walsh, B. (2007) The Origins of Genome Architecture.  Sinauer Associates Inc., U.S.